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Countess Kate



I will take control. And believe me, as a woman who has served in the corporate environment, I know what it means to take control! Having a successful man under my power is an added turn on. What I offer is not for middle management or corporate drones – only the most adventurous and successful need apply. You will serve me, comply with me. You will have the incentive of what I can offer you. Full satisfaction. 

Since discussions of money, time and menus can be tedious, this is how a gentleman should value our time together in London.

90 mins - 500 GBP
2 hours - 600 GBP
3 hours - 700 GBP
4 hours - 800 GBP

Additional hours - 200 GBP
Overnight  - 2000 GBP

You may ask about other time frames and destinations. 

Every lady loves a gift, and I am certainly no exception. As L'Oreal once proclaimed 'Because I'm worth it'. Receiving a nice surprise from you is a wonderful way to begin our time together. I have listed some of the things I like, to help fuel your imagination. Pleasure me with your generosity, and think of the most thrilling ways my gratitude will be expressed.

I adore! - Perfume, candles and dark chocolates
My tipple! - Champagne, Hendricks Gin and Cognac.

The following online stores offer E-Gift Cards. The perfect way to show your devotion. Please send to my personal email:

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