Countess Kate
Countess Kate



This is an opportunity for you to fulfil your deepest fetish fantasies, your BDSM dreams and release your suppressed wild side. I will introduce you to a new world of enhanced pleasure through a stimulating sharpening of the senses and guide you through levels of erotic pleasure, pain and ecstasy, turning our liaison into a delicious cocktail of titillating sensations. 

I am an experienced Mistress and courtesan, so I know there are few barriers to what we might encounter together. My style is warm and elegant, whether I'm binding a gentleman with ropes or a softly spoken command. I believe in compassionate dominance and in guiding individuals toward deeper expressions of their submissive selves through a mutually respectful space. 

Perhaps you wish to be put over my knee for a good old fashioned spanking? Possibly worshipping my fabulous feet and stiletto heels is more to your taste? Maybe being cuckold and your most humiliating dreams come to life as I taunt and tease you in to submission? Perhaps you’re not even really sure what it is you crave, but want to experience something a little bit different. The more you open up to me the more pleasure we can share - Discovering your limits will be our journey of exploration. 

As a lifelong lover of literature, I adore the art of storytelling and its influence on immersive role play. Playing a dominant sexual role is second nature to me. I can and do deliver convincing scenarios with many options: Bitch boss, teacher, mother, first date, police woman, seductress and slaveowner. 

My vast collection of rubber catsuits, latex, fur and Leather attire, waist-clinching corsets, exquisite lingerie, thigh-high boots and stiletto high heels will heighten your experience. I am a captivating and voluptuous beauty who will flaunt and flirt my feminine wiles to the maximum. My fetish for costumes is a limitless source of interest and personal enjoyment, whether you seek a Venus in furs or your own radical transformation.

This is not just an experience, it is a journey of the mind and the senses.



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