Countess Kate
Countess Kate

About Me


My speciality is providing sensual domination par excellence!

Sensuality does not lend itself to physical or mental humiliation. I must be true to who I am - a passionate, amorous woman with a penchant for the kink and sultry. Men who seek my audience understand that ceding control can be hugely erotic without being degrading. The building of trust is imperative to heighten the pleasure ceiling.

Self-confident, mature and affluent gentlemen who wish to see me are comfortable in the company of an elegant, free-spirited forty-something dominatrix with a boundless joie de vivre. Your assuredness is a self-perpetuating attribute and it is within this confine that my allure is at its most visible. I am drawn towards erudite men who can captivate me with informed, varied and opinionated discussion – such stimulation will be duly rewarded.

Those worthy of consideration should be able to blend into any social environment. A selective wardrobe of quality ensures peers and strangers will be envious of the company you keep. And when we are alone, nothing is more awe-inspiring than my curvaceous frame hugged in haute-couture latex. Towering well over six feet in stiletto heels is a breathtaking vision. Like-minded gentlemen also appreciate that manners and etiquette, whilst priceless, cost nothing to digest and exhibit.

My time as a companion extraordinaire has allowed me to meticulously study men and understand what drives and stimulates them. Countess Kate is borne out of this research. My clearness of thought about men’s desires, their traits, their actions and their needs, gathered through many wonderful experiences, is the cornerstone of this metamorphosis. 

Submit to Countess Kate – it will be an enlightening and most pleasurable journey.

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